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The developer of Path of Exile is called Grinding Gear Games. The main projects of this New Zealand-based studio include ongoing support for the development of Path of Exile and the sequel. Chris Wilson, the head of the studio, previously stated that due to the pandemic, the development of the sequel was slower than he had hoped. And, Path of Exile allows you to earn POE Currency in the game and trade with other players.

The difference between Path of Exile and most RPGs is that there is no fixed currency in other games. Instead, things are valued relative to other items in the game, such as POE Currency, POE Orbs, and so on. The player base will use items to trade items. It may be difficult for players to obtain precious items at first, but they can purchase POE Currency through reliable POECurrency. POECurrency is a website dedicated to selling items in the path of exile. Their prices are very cheap, and you can enjoy lower discounts as a member. POECurrency's inventory is stable and the delivery speed is very fast. The most important thing is that their website is 100% secure, and you can access a secure online payment system to POE Currency Buy.
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